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Distributors – Business Opportunity

Dear Distributor,

Welcome to Elishéa healthy cosmetics website. We are very happy you are considering becoming a part of our very nice skin care organization. You will be proud to distribute anti aging skin care products which will make people not only look good but make them happy as well. Our products are designed to rejuvenate the skin with all natural ingredients which works on a cellular level to bring necessary nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and fatty acids to nourish, promote production of elastin, collagen and sebum which will naturally bring back glow and firming of the skin.

As a distributor you will have responsibility to learn and understand how our products work and pass on to others. Be truthful, honest, patient and informative. Never promise false statements. Our “Magic Glow” line is designed for normal to dry skin not for oily skin. You will be provided a list of ingredients and directions for each product.

Your job is very important to help people many ways. The people you will deal with will appreciate your work. You are bringing to their attention very unique anti aging face products which will improve their lives happier side which is big plus to our products.

Your success is our success. We will be here for you always. If you have any questions please call the office 561-498-1414 or send an email to me anytime

“Health is wealth”
“Being beautiful is a privilege”
“Being happy is an accomplishment”

With Love,
Dr. Esther Elisha
Founder Elishea LLC

Distributor information is available upon request.