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Our Story

Aging Naturally
Dr. Esther Elisha

I have been practicing medicine for 33 years. I have seen so many women struggling with dry, wrinkled skin which has caused them to be down or depressed. My patients have told me, “Look, doctor, at how many wrinkles are on my face and how dry my skin is”. When I approached the age of 57, I understood my patients' point. It is depressing to see your face turning dry, lifeless, spotted and wrinkled. With extensive study and research I have created a very unique system of natural skin care products which literally reverse aging.

My products clean and hydrate, altering the PH of the skin, nourishing the skin. This system is designed to fill deficiencies which will promote elastin and collagen production. The skin's elasticity will be improved, firmed and returned to natural radiance. The second action of my products are that they uplift the woman’s mind with the light aroma of select essential oils.

Elishéa promotes natural beauty and joy without containing harsh synthetics, parabens or chemicals that often do more harm for the skin than good. My anti aging skin products allow the body to look and feel as nature intends. Browse our products today to discover the benefits of natural skin care.