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Rejuvenation Retreats Idea & Steps to Rejuvenation

Dr. Esther Elisha has discovered the secret to Aging Gracefully and she would like to share this Health and Beauty wisdom with you and your group. The Rejuvenation Retreat Beauty Party is complimentary and can be held at The Healing Center for Alternative Medicine in Delray Beach Florida or at your location of preference. The retreat is a wonderful time to relax and refresh and it is alot of fun too! No need to wear makeup because your group will have an opportunity to try all of the Elishea Healthy skin care products, similar to a mini-facial. Dr. Elisha will tell her story and share some of what she has learned in her 40 years of practicing medicine and how it relates to healthy skin care and aging. Invite some friends, enjoy delicious food and earn credit toward Elishea products or a % of sales for your organizations fundraiser. Call our office to reserve a date and time 561-498-1414.

Steps of Rejuvenation

Elishea LLC anti aging skin products are designed to rejuvenate the face and uplift the woman’s mind giving joy, happiness and balance. Elishéa products, and the steps of anti aging skin rejuvenation, combine to revitalize the skin at the cellular level, with the wisdom of nature. After cleansing and properly adjusting the PH, abundant nutrients are introduced to the skin and are fully absorbed for maximum benefit. Good circulation is created with the use of creams rich with phyto-nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, antioxidants that feed the cells. These vital components fuel the cells and help improve elastin-collagen formation. As a result, elasticity of the skin is enhanced; sagging is eliminated, as the skin becomes more firm and wrinkle free.

    Follow the steps of rejuvenation and achieve radiant, youthful skin:

Step 1 Wonder Mask & Exfoliator: The first among the steps of anti aging skin rejuvenation, use once a week to eliminate dead cells by hydrating, nourishing, and deeply cleaning the pores. This unique blend of herbs, honey, yogurt and aloe juice helps nourish the skin, while repairing tissue and promoting new cell growth. If a person has large pores they should use the Mask 3 times a week.
Step 2 Nutritive Cleanser: Cleanse your skin daily to promote cell regeneration, and maintain proper skin moisture.
Step 3 Nutritive Toner: Use daily to adjust the pH of your skin to normal levels. Regular use improves circulation, softening and refreshing the skin. Cleansing and balancing the pH of the skin, increases its ability to absorb nutrients vital to its health and youthfulness
Step 4 Skin Renewing Cream: This exclusive formulation is rich in vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and fatty acids, which protect the skin from free radicals. It produces a natural facelift as it provides what is necessary for the cells to produce elastin and collagen. Regular use of this product promotes radiant, firm and rejuvenated skin.
Step 5 Eye Rejuvenation Cream - Daytime : Applied around the eyes, this wonderful cream rejuvenates the tissues surrounding the eyes. It effectively reduces the fine lines and wrinkles that appear with age.
Step 6 Eye Rejuvenation Cream -Nighttime: Applied around the eyes before going to bed, this cream works while you sleep. It will stretch the muscles surrounding the eyes, while nourishing their tissues, as it reduces wrinkles, puffiness and discoloration.
Step 7 Overnight Rejuvenating Serum: In the evening, lightly massage a few drops of this wonderful blend on your face, neck and decolté (chest). The results will amaze you as your skin is revitalized and you develop a youthful complexion.
Other Products Available: Luscious Lavender Body Oil: After shower on moist body massage lightly on your skin. Wait a few minutes to absorb totally. Enjoy luscious skin all day.
Coconut Moisturizer: Apply lightweight cream anytime, after cleansing your face. This combination of coconut oil, hazelnut oil, blackcurrant oil, grapeseed oil, and vitamin E promotes a velvety touch to the skin. Working at the cellular level to nourish the skin, alleviating dry skin as it aids in producing radiant, vibrant skin.
Rejuvenating Night Cream: After cleansing apply to neck, face and decolte(upper chest).Exclusive formulation of antioxidants, herbs & botanicals that improves elasticity, rejuvenates, revitalizes and firms your skin while you sleep.
Natural Lip Balm:A light coconut flavor derived from Virgin Coconut Cream Oil. Other healthy ingredients include Vitamin E, essential oils, antioxidants, honey and beeswax. Used before lipstick, will keep color in place all day long. Used at night will moisturize and plump lips.
Shabbos Spray:A liquid moisturizer for Shabbos and Holidays. This aloe enriched, antioxidant spray promotes youthful, clear, radiant skin. This amazing mist addresses the beauty needs of the shabbos observer who wants to improve her appearance within the framework of religious practices. Spray all over face and let dry.
  High quality essential oils are used in all Elishéa anti aging skin care products and are not only
valuable to skin, health and beauty, but provide psychological and physical benefits.
  Bergamot: An anti-depressant, inspiring and uplifting. This sweet smelling oil provides muscle relaxation.
  Chamomile: A softening agent for skin with calming and conditioning effects. Relaxing, soothing and hydrating.
  Clary Sage: Eases depression and has euphoric effects. It relaxes muscles and calms the nerves. It strengthens and tones the skin, reducing wrinkles.
  Eucalyptus: A purifying and invigorating essential oil.
  Geranium: A soothing, mood-lifting and balancing fragrance.
  Lavender: Promotes a relaxing, calming, and balancing effect. Encourages new skin cell growth.
  Lemon: Uplifting, refreshing and cheering with antioxidant. A cool pleasant fragrance that provides an anti-oxidant.
  Rosemary: Beneficial to skin for clarifying, invigorating, purifying and toning.
  Sandalwood: An excellent cleansing astringent relaxing, centering, sensual.
  Sweet Orange: This refreshing oil is cheering and uplifting. Provides an anti-inflammatory effect. Involved in collagen formation.

Elishéa Skin Care Products and the steps of anti aging skin rejuvenation listed above promote rejuvenation and revitalization of skin utilizing a natural approach. By providing hydration, nutrition and supplementation, Elishéa skin care products replenish what is lost in the process of aging. But that is not all. The focus is holistic anti aging skin care, not merely concentrating on promoting a youthful physical appearance but encouraging a general feeling of well-being and self confidence. Good luck on your rejuvenation journey!