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Dear Dr. Elisha,

I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your products. Prior to this, I have been using facial products that I have found shopping and truthfully they had little to no effect. I was introduced to your products this fall and I not only love them but they work. I love the mask as well as the moisturizers. I must say though that my favorite is the serum which I use in the evening. My skin now is smooth and glowing. Again, thank you for making these wonderful all natural cosmetics.

Jackie Meehan

Dear Dr. Elisha,

I never dreamed when I started using your products, that I would get such incredible results. There isn't a day that goes by without compliments. Let me tell you, it's great to hear from someone I hadn't seen in eight years, "What are you doing? You look younger." And he wasn't kidding. He just went on and on about my skin. What fun. Thanks so much for your brilliant, healthy products. I tell all my friends.

Rachel B. (Delray Beach)

Dear Dr. Elisha,

Thank you so much for the gift of Shabbos Nutritive spray. I call it a gift because it is made with love and a great deal of thought and preparation. I have never been able to wear makeup, my eyes would get infected. Over the years my skin has wrinkled and I have spent alot of money on cleansers, stringents, and moisturizers that do not help and sometimes make the wrinkles worse. Using Shabbos Nutritive spray with the clean smell is so soothing and the results are better.

Thanking you again & God is blessing you. Doris Nichols

Dear Dr. Elisha,

I often wonder what my skin would like if I had not met you and began using your products long ago. Thank you Dr. Elisha for creating these wonderful natural skin care products. There are so many products out on the market which is so confusing for me. I never knew which ones to buy so I just did not use anything. A long time ago I vowed never to eat anything I could not read on a label and the same goes for skin care products. If I can not read it I will not use it. My skin was very dry as a result. I am amazed by this skin care product line. I can rest easy knowing that you only included healthy ingredients in your products that will nourish my skin.

My favorites? The cleanser, toner and overnight rejuvenating serum. After perspiring I look forward to cleaning my face with anti aging face products and you even made it easier for me by telling me I can just put the cleanser on and not have to wash it off! After showering the toner gives my face the extra drink it is looking for. Wonderful. The toner is also nice in the middle of the afternoon when working. No time for a nap so I just mist the toner and feel revived once again. The serum is velvety smooth and I look forward to putting that on before I go to bed. I like knowing I can do something today that takes a matter of seconds that will make a lasting difference as I age into my elder years.


I have known Dr. Esther Elisha owner of Elishea LLC approximately 5 years. I have watched her put her heart, soul and much passion into creating her all natural product line. She is like Julia Child always cooking up a wonderful new product in her laboratory which by the way is sterile and inspected. She has made alot of effort in researching the science of the ingredients which when combined are soothing and nice. She created all of this with you in mind to help your skin have a Magic Glow. I hope you will experience for yourself the goodness of the Elishea Skin Care line.

Galia Karli
Owner-Bereshit Spa
Delray Beach FL

Dear Dr. Esther,

Your face cream is amazing! I have suffered with dry, sandpaper facial skin for years, and have tried so many anti aging skin care products that just didn't work. Your product isn't just a cover-up it is actually healing my skin. I can't thank you enough for developing it!! My face feels soft and normal again!! Thank you sooo much!!

Jennifer Perel Hande

I was fortunate to receive a gift package of Dr. Elisha’s products just prior to my birthday. And what a wonderful gift it was!!! As soon as I began using the products, I was impressed by how rich & luxurious they felt on my skin and how nourished & soft they make my skin feel. With Dr. Elisha’s help, my skin will not reveal my real age!

Tina Beale

I have been using the Eye Rejuvenating Night Cream for about one year. I see a great difference in my facial lines because they are less noticeable. I can't live without this balm!


I loved my dad very much and I remember when he got older he had to be operated on for droopy eyelids. This was not for cosmetic purposes but rather because those droopy lids were affecting his sight. Poor man, he was so nervous and I was nervous for him. Well, everything turned out fine and he was okay. As I have gotten older, the very same thing is beginning to happen to me. I knew what was going to happen in the future however, I did not think a lot about it. This past summer, I met this wonderful, caring doctor, named Dr. Elisha. I proceeded to tell her my story. This woman made such a wonderful difference in my life. As a result of using her skin anti aging products, my eyelids are lifting and my skin is becoming better and better with each day. I cannot say enough good things about her products and they are very reasonably priced. She has spent hours creating these products and they have proven to be just what my skin needed. Her latest product is a lip balm that is wonderful for lips that are chapped and dry due to medication or weather. Her lip balm also has a hint of essential oil flavoring which makes it extra special. I was one of the first to have the privilege of trying the lip balm and I love it! Due to medicines that I take my lips are very dry and this really helps. I use it several times daily. This woman not only saved me from surgery, she also introduced me to the finest natural skin care products I have ever encountered. Thank you Dr. Elisha.

J Askew

This Shabbos spray is lovely. I can't imagine not being able to wash my face for a day, but if that were the case, I would be incredibly grateful to have something so refreshing to mist my face with. I imagine there will be a lot of designer purse packing up with these sprays.

Accolades to Dr. Elisha for dreaming up something so lovely!

Jenny Joy

I love my Wonder Mask & Exfoliator. Each time I use it my skin becomes smooth and radiant!

The Shabbos Spray leaves me feeling refreshed and beautiful!

Rivkah Denburg

After the death of my mother last January I developed a bothersome pimple in my eyebrow. It finally dried up but left a coarse bumpy itchy patch. Last week I opened my sample of Elishea's Skin Renewing Cream that Madame Esty Elishakoff so kindly gave me in Miami. After three days of applying a tiny amount of her cream on the problem area, the skin there has returned to its regular texture. Thank you Madame Esty!

Ilana Attia, Jerusalem

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been using Dr. Elishea's skin care products for about 6 months. Before that I was an avid Dr. Hauschka user
for many years. In fact I truly felt there was nothing on the market today that would compare. However I discovered Dr. Elishea skin care products reach a whole new level of satisfaction.

The research and use of phyto-nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants feed the cells, improve
elastin-collagen formation and give us more radiant, youthful skin.

Using the products day and night I feel rejuvenated with a secret weapon to counteract aging skin. There are many advantages to growing older. I want to be the best I can be and learn and grow
gracefully....these products help.

Try the Wonder Mask, Nutritive Cleanser, Nutritive Toner, Skin Renewing Cream, Coconut Moisturizing Balm,
Eye Rejuvenation Cream,Overnight Rejuvenating Serum or Cream and Luscious Lavender Body Oil. Each and every
product is amazing!

Lucille Wisbaum

Hello Dr. Elisha,

My name is Connie Jackson, I'm 26 years old, a wife, and a mother. I was born with a muscle that didn't develop correctly in my left eye. It caused my left eyelid to droop below my pupil. I have had about 5 surgerys from the age of 7 to 15 to try and correct it. The surgery though unfortunately doesn't last forever and I do require an upkeep of surgerys. But my husband and I cannot afford for me to take that kind of time off of work let alone another surgery. When my aunt started working for Dr. Elisha my father went down to meet her and told her my story. She gave him her night and day eye rejuvenating cream to give me to try. I have been using it for over a year now and my family and I have noticed a huge difference! Though it may not cure my problem it has definitely tighten the droopiness of my lid so much that I can see better! Thank you Dr. Elisha!

Connie Jackson


I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to meet Dr. Elisha and then try her skin care line. I have been shocked to see all of the chemicals that are in cosmetics and skin care products. I was so happy to see an all natural, effective product that I could try. I have tried all of Dr. Elisha's products and am happy with them all. I have very senstive skin around the eye area and am allergic to most under eye creams. I am very happy that I have none of these issues with Dr. Elisha's line. I am also impressed with Dr. Elisha's passion for her products and how she truly wants to help women. Thank you.

Robin L.